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  • Aug.2015
    The quality, craftsmanship, durablility, and most important of all comfort of these boots are second to none.
    Richard S.
  • Dec.2015
    These days it is very rare to find a company that is more concerned with customer satisfaction then simply making a sale. First Safety boots happens to be one of those few companies that still really care about their customers. I am happy to do business with them.
    Egan K.
  • Feb.2016
    First Safety keeps their promise always, reply and solve problems on time, work hard on design, quality, delivery date, stable price, that’s why I work with them for over 20 years.
    Fred A.
  • Jun.2016
    First Safety offers best PPE products solutions any time I need, with their rich experience in this field.
    Richard C.
  • Oct.2016
    First Safety helps me to solve all problems about design, testing, delivery date, that we get the government bids. We get double-win with them.
    Donald C.
  • Jan.2017
    What do you worried about international business, First Safety can help you all.
    Jon N.
  • May.2017
    Just get my container of safety boots, the whole quality is quite good, I am satisfied with the whole business from meeting in shoe show, sampling, order, production, delivery till I get my boots. Thanks for First Safety team. I will keep buying from you.
    Martin. L
  • Nov.2017
    I just started my own business and it is the first time I buy from China. First Safety gives me good suggestions and everything becomes smoothly. Thank you.
    Michael D.

  • Mar.2018
    I am a retailer of PPE products, First Safety is patient with you no matter you buy small or big quantity, I feel enough respect from them.
  • Jul.2018
    The “one-stop” experience is really cool, save much time and energy of me. First Safety helps a lot, they are professional.
  • Nov.2018
    It is not easy to find a reliable and long-term partner now. I worked with First Safety Mr. Michael Liang for 25 years, their quality and service really the best as I feel. I will keep working with them, even my son my grandson.
    Simon A.
  • Apr.2014
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  • Apr. 2014
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  • Apr. 2014
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